I Think They Got the Wrong Envelope by Pat Conrad MD

Medical Economics is wrapping up their year, and yours, by holding the envelope to their noggin and giving the exciting answers of:

  •  “Movement away from fee-for-service reimbursement and toward  global payments will alleviate the strain on primary care practices.”
  • “Change the payment model to incorporate care management fees and incentives for quality, cost, and utilization.”
  • “Optimize reimbursement at current rates by implementing team-based care, a staffing model in which all clinicians work to the top of their licensure.”
  • Increase team-based care by furthering the trend for “team-based care” and for “significant growth in compensation for non-physician practitioners.”
  • “Working with clients to redistribute their workload throughout an established team, track[ing] measures such as patient experience scores, capacity and access, quality metrics, cost and utilization, and provider satisfaction before implementation of team-based care and again at three, six, and 12 months.”
  • Optimize reimbursement with “high-performing teams [to] help fill gaps in care by teeing up and ordering routine health maintenance, prescription refills, smoking cessation, advanced care planning, and other items that factor into coding and reimbursement.”

ME’s stated goal is not to dwell on the negative, but on practical solutions to fix the offered problem.  So what was the problem stated in the envelope that these awesome solutions will fix??  We’re dying to know!

“What’s ruining medicine for physicians: Imbalance in primary care versus specialist reimbursement.”

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