Rare Props for the AAFP

I rarely mention the AAFP in a positive way.   I will give props, however, to their letter  Nov. 28 letter(3 page PDF), provided for a committee hearing titled “Reducing Health Care Costs Through Innovation,”(www.help.senate.gov) that “expressed continued support for direct primary care (DPC) practices”.  It was signed by AAFP Board Chair Michael Munger, M.D., of Overland Park, Kan., and prepared for the fifth in a series of committee hearings examining health care costs.

The other stuff mentioned (social determinants of health, advanced primary care, independence at home) is just more of the same that probably won’t go anywhere.  

I do appreciate the “written” support by the AAFP but I am not that easily won over. They see something in us and are wanting to capitalize on it.  DPC is the hope for the future of family medicine.  The real voice for the Direct Primary Care movement is ONLY the Direct Primary Care Alliance, of which I am a part.  It has the biggest movers and shakers, who started this movement, not only involved but heavily active in pushing the DPC boulder uphill. 

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