The Reason For The Delay In Treatment

A new Gallup poll of 1000 people showed that 29% of them have delayed their healthcare due to costs.  Terrible, right?  Remember, though, this is just a survey.  Let’s dig deeper.  

It also “found those who have no coverage are most likely to forgo treatment — with over half the respondents in that category reporting a delay” and “those enrolled in Medicare or Medicaid are least likely to wait”.

It is obvious that you can take any conclusion you wish from this.  It’s also obvious that when the person doesn’t have to pay anything then he or she will get the treatment.   When they have to pay out of their pocket for everything then the odds they won’t. 

Does this mean they can’t afford it?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  The ones getting screwed are the ones with massive premiums and then also have the massive deductible.  My guess is they really are having trouble affording care and that is due to a combination of the lowlife insurance companies who were emboldened by the Affordable Care Act (how stupid was that name?). 

The answers are not simple but they are out there.  We need lower premiums and lower deductibles and then people need to “Amazon” or shop around for lower prices.  By using pre-tax dollars (HSAs) they cut the price even further. Can this be done?  It’s being done everyday with the health ministry plans.  Would that solve it all?  No.  Some people WILL NOT value their health no matter what and pay more for their car’s maintenance than their own health maintenance.  

These are some of the things this survey will not tell you. 

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