Do You Want a Single Payer System?

We are 13 days into the new year with Democrats controlling the House. And this already came out:

A U.S. representative has requested that the Congressional Budget Office provide a report on single-payer policy considerations.

House Budget Committee Chairman John Yarmuth, D-Ky., on Jan. 8 sent a letter to CBO Director Keith Hall requesting a report “on the design considerations that policymakers would confront in developing proposals to establish a single-payer system.”

The letter comes as Mr. Yarmuth’s panel prepares to consider ways to provide Americans with affordable, high quality healthcare coverage.

As his committee discusses this issue, it is crucial to begin with a qualitative assessment of how policy design choices could affect the federal budget, national healthcare spending and care access, Mr. Yarmuth said in a news release.

I don’t love the system we have now. I think we have great doctors and hospital systems but it is unaffordable. You know my thoughts on this. I believe the free market is the only way to fix it and DPC has been a living example of that. But that is only the primary care part. Dr. Keith Smith and his Surgery Center of Oklahoma has been a great example of the surgical part. That being said there are people who think a single-payer system is the answer. I am open to your thoughts on this.

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