Psychiatric Accreditation

What is the common theme from the following?

  • Patients at one psychiatric hospitals say they were raped or assaulted
  • Patients at another psychiatric hospital died by suicide
  • Patients slept on chairs due to crowding at another psychiatric hospital

Answer? The Joint Commission accredited all these hospitals.

The Journal found 141 psychiatric hospitals, out of roughly 490 across the country, that were accredited by the Joint Commission and cited by state officials from fiscal 2014 and 2015 for serious violations.

For most of the 141, those violations weren’t the first; they had an average of eight serious violations in the years going back to 2011, according to state inspection records and Some had dozens of previous violations.

In fact, The Joint Commission, revoked or denied full accreditation to fewer than 1% of psychiatric hospitals it checks on. Even worse is that The Joint Commission is currently the only accrediting organization with a federally approved psychiatric-hospital accreditation program for Medicare.

It’s time for a change. The WSJ is going after them hard and it’s awesome!

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