The Hospital Price 3 Card Monte Game

Hospitals across the U.S. should be posting prices of standard services online this month.  “The reporting must list every item and service by the hospital, as well as any charges related for them as it is represented in the hospital’s list of official rates.”  But here is the catch – none of it is real. Since each hospital bills the insurers, Medicare and Medicaid differently there is no ONE price. Here is the statement from one Texas hospital:

“Pricing does not reflect our financial assistance and charity care policy, and could vary by individual patient and by facility,” a spokesperson issued in a statement. “We encourage those who are seeking or scheduling care to contact us for the pricing that is right for you.”

What the hell does that even mean? It’s a 3-card Monte game!

My only hope is that patients shop around. They can look at the Surgical Center of Oklahoma and let’s force them to get these prices down!

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