Office Charge Goes From $35 to $234 per Visit

Can you imagine if that was true? The outrage from the public and the government would be massive. But thankfully it isn’t. Instead one member of the Medical Axis of Evil, that being Big Pharma, is doing their little tricks again. Did you know that “Lilly’s Humalog, for instance, rose from $35 to $234 per dose between 2001 and 2015, a 585 percent increase”. It’s not like there aren’t many cases of diabetes and these bastards have to mark it to cover the low demand. Some Senators are even looking into this but I am not confident anything will happen. Has anyone else been seeing cash prices go up a bunch over the years? Especially for generic drugs? It’s like Big Pharma knows we docs are trying to get the cheapest price for our patients and they are just blocking us at every turn.

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