The AMA Gets Me. LOL.

The subject line is: “Dr. Farrago, Join and improve your practice and well-being.” Really? How is the AMA going to do that? They agreed to everything (along with the AAFP and others) that has destroyed the practice of medicine and obliterated the well-being of physicians.

Let’s break down this email some more with my thoughts in parenthesis:

“Between practice inefficiencies, time-consuming EHR systems, and taxing regulations, the day-to-day bureaucracy can burn out any physician.As an AMA member, you have the resources to transform your practice and improve your well-being.” (You mean you can help doctors go into a DPC practice? Because if you can’t then your track record has proven that you can’t help anyone).

“Being a physician is simply the best job in the. Burnout can’t take away from the difference you’re making in patients’ lives, but it can be a barrier to delivering excellent care. The AMA is leading the effort to reduce burnout in medicine by speaking out against obstacles that interfere with patient care and giving physicians the tools to make changes in our own practice.” (Says the 75 year old doctor who is either retired or will be in a week or so. Oh, and now they are playing hardball by SPEAKING out against the obstacles that we have? Wow, impressive. How about some real action instead of saying things like, “Burnout is bad”. And how do they give you the tools to make changses? What tools? The ones you can BUY after you pay them $39 a month? Child, please).

Who else is disgusted at all these professional organizations trying to take advantage of burnout? All of them are using it as a marketing strategy. We all need to respond to them en masse with a big “Go F%ck Yourselves!!”

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