The AMA STEPS Forward, Whatever the F That Means

I found this from the AMA:

Committed to making physician burnout a thing of the past, the AMA has studied, and is addressing, issues causing and fueling physician burnout—including time constraints, technology and regulations—to better understand the challenges physicians face. 

The AMA’s STEPS Forward™ is an open-access platform featuring more than 50 modules that offer actionable, expert-driven strategies and insights supported by practical resources and tools. Based on best practices from the field, STEPS Forward modules empower practices to identify areas or opportunities for improvement, set meaningful and achievable goals, and implement transformative changes designed to increase operational efficiencies, elevate clinical team engagement, and improve patient care.  

Fifty actionable, expert-driven strategies and insights? Can they blow more smoke? Let’s see some of these brilliant ideas:

Having fun yet? Did they fix your burnout? Feel free to pick one and mock it in the comments. My favorite, so far:

WORKFLOW AND PROCESS 0.5 Credit CME Identifying the Optimal Panel Sizes for Primary Care Physicians: Determine and adjust panel sizes based on patient and practice variablesAMA STEPS Forward

Really? It’s that simple just to fire half your panel. Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

Your turn.

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