Prior Authorizations

All doctors hate prior authorizations. Why? Because we ALL know that it is only based on saving insurers money. As their profits go up and their stocks increase, we physicians sit on the f%cking phone only to fight with an idiot on the other end. Or, better yet, we get an electronic prior authorization to be filled out via a portal. You spend a ton of time filling it out and it doesn’t matter because it gets rejected anyway. And then it’s back to waiting on the phone again. I really believe they just trying to piss us off for fun. Once again, we are treated as clerks and are put between the patient and the insurer. They are even doing this with generic meds now. God, I hate these insurance companies and PBMs.

Anyway, this just came out:

Building on data released earlier in 2019, which showed near-universal dissatisfaction with PA protocols, the AMA is again urging health plans to reduce the administrative burdens associated with the pre-approval process.

“While health plans and benefit managers contend that PA programs are important to control costs, providers often find these programs to be burdensome and barriers to the delivery of necessary patient care,” the professional organization wrote.

Here is my question. What do you think the health plans and benefit managers will do whey then see the AMA urging them to do something?

  1. Laugh until coffee comes out their noses
  2. Reply with a collective “Who gives a sh*t what the AMA wants?”
  3. Respond by giving their executives a higher bonus.
  4. Nothing. They listen to no one. They care about no one. It is their ball and their playground and until someone does something it about then it is their rules and screw everyone else.
  5. All of the above

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