Call Me Dr. Golden Goose

According to a 2019 Managed Healthcare Executive survey, consumer experience slotted in the number one priority spot, collectively followed by: improved data analytics, market growth, talent acquisition, new service innovation, health plan innovation, and operational efficiency.

Where the hell is Physician Wellness????

Physician wellness in 2019 MUST be a top priority, hands down, no questions asked, threat level midnight!

But it’s not by incorporating more yoga and mindfulness. (Yes, there is a lot of personal healing/self-development that needs to be done to help physicians on an individual level with the trauma of simply being as a physician.)

But it’s so much greater.

I call for a total fundamental shift in organizational mindset/culture. Because remember, health/wellness is not simply the absence of disease.

The story “The Goose and the Golden Egg” comes to my mind I think of the roles of administrators dealing with “productive” physicians. Remember, the farmer in the story profits greatly each morning from his golden goose. But being impatient with just the one, reliable golden egg daily, he kills his goose and finds nothing.

Organizations must stop demanding more production and simply start caring for and protecting their greatest assets, their people…their physicians who every day show up and deliver a quality egg.

We can’t give what we don’t have and most docs are stretched beyond the breaking point.  So, protect your people because a happy, purpose-filled doctor will be a higher quality team member.

And hey, throw this grey goose a little more corn some time!

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