Health Insurance Companies Lowering Their Rates to Customers by 80%!

This news is unbelievable. Maybe the health insurers realized that the public was onto them. I don’t even know. All I care about is that health insurance is now affordable. It looks like the plans have no restrictions on pre-existing conditions but they are still have high deductibles. They seem to cover less bogus maintenance stuff forcing the public to at least try and shop around and be more cost conscious. It’s almost a throwback to the old major medical days. What was normally $1500 a month for a family is now on $300. For that people know that they have a safety net and will not be bankrupted by a medical emergency. Their only risk is their deductible with NONE of them costing more that $3k. In other words, the most out-of-pocket they can pay is the $300 per month or $3600 a year plus the $3K deductible. This seems reasonable for both the insurer to at least be profitable while not gouging customers.

“We felt obligated to put people over profit. The bottom line is that there is no reason to not make health insurance affordable. We need to stop pretending we are the providers. We need to stop getting in between patients and their doctors. We are the insurers, for god sake, and we just need to be there when bad things happen. Only then will we help people”, said April Fullio, President of the American Health Insurer’s Association.

Adding to this is NO more prior authorizations, NO more pharmacy benefit managers, and NO more metrics. For more information on this breaking story click here.

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