Ridiculous Study of the Week: Telemedicine Docs Give More Antibiotics

In a shocking study (to no one), “kids with cold symptoms seen via telemedicine visits were far more likely to be prescribed antibiotics than those who went to a doctor’s office or clinic”.

Crazy, right? You would think that a doctor with NO relationship to the patient would REALLY hold their ground against an angry parent ONLY using the telemedicine service just to get antibiotics.

And this is why the telemedicine services are mostly horseshit, unless you are the patient’s regular doctor. If I offend you then, well, whatever. Hey, I understand some docs need to make a living. Even DPC docs moonlight with telemedicine. Hell, I may need to someday. But let’s not kid ourselves. We are all adults here. We know this is NOT the same as the real thing and anyone who says so is bullshitting themselves.

It is all about money. And it is mostly about others making money OFF us. Check out Tytocare (picture above). I want to vomit.

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