The AAFP Loves the ABFM and Sleeps Right Along Side Them

Doctors have to get CME each year to keep their state licenses up to date. Unless you have been under a rock, you know that the ABFM has been controlling the board certification process forever. They also invented the MOC (maintenance of certification) in order to capture all that CME money. Wes Fisher MD has been getting traction in suing the ABIM but the force is strong with the ABFM. Their newest trick is to not call it MOC but instead the “Longitudinal Assessment Self-Study Package”. The AAFP, who makes a ton of money off this same process, is in bed with the ABFM. And guess what? They have the “All-in-one FMCLA companion”. FMCLA =Family Medicine Certification Longitudinal Assessment. The cost to you is only $995 ($1195 for non-members).

Do the members of the AAFP still want the MOC? It has NEVER been proven to do anything other than make them, and the ABFM, money. Do we need live and work by evidence?

Here is my twitter conversation (public) with the current president of the AAFP in January:

Feel free to ask the AAFP why they support the ABFM and the corrupt MOC, or whatever name they want to give it.

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