The AAFP Puts the Spin on Doctor’s Day

Over the weekend, our buddies at the American Academy of Family Practice got the jump on April 1 with a great tongue-in-cheek mass email for National Doctor’s Day. My thoughts in parenthesis.

Around here, we celebrate doctors

Since answering your calling to be a family doctor, you have guided, taught, held hands, brought joy, comforted, and reassured patients young and old (you have also been forced to do pointless MOC exams, compete with individuals with less than half your training, kiss patient ass to protect your paycheck, and spend more time clicking boxes then using your physical exam skills). And you did this, every single day (yep).

National Doctors Day is a time to recognize your service and celebrate you (because you pay our bills). Here at the AAFP, we recognize every day brings new challenges and new celebrations (like how to con more of you to replace the ones retiring). As health care’s first line of defense, you do it all—treating each organ, nearly every disease, all ages, and both genders (or all three, as our latest magazine validates). And for that millions of Americans are grateful (Not really.  They think they have a right to your efforts, and are empowering Big Insurance and the government to further harness them.  And if you miss something … #lawyer).

As family medicine celebrates its 50th anniversary, we continue to honor the hard-won progress made by family physicians over the last half century (as measured by mandated EHR’s, quality goals, and pay-for-performance). We honor you (by advocating every damn measure we can to make you work harder, and pay you less for it)

Thank you for answering the call. Thank you for being a family doctor (and for paying your dues, so we don’t have to see patients).

Of course, the AAFP could be super sophisticated and just publish their actual record on April Fool’s Day.  Maybe unimaginative medical students who have been self-selected for having any sense of irony bred out of them would think THIS was just a big joke, and that primary care would be a great way to go.  Mission accomplished.

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