The Story Behind the King of Medicine Name

Sometimes I forget how long I have been doing this blog. I realized that I have been through a few generation of doctors since the King of Medicine nickname began. Some people who see it now think it is pompous or egotistical. I find that funny since it started around the year 2000 as a goof to poke fun at our broken healthcare system. At that time I wrote an editorial to the Boston Globe claiming that the system is so ludicrous that a king should run it and I should be that king. And they printed it!

When I started my Placebo Journal (2001-2011), I just continued the nickname. It seemed fitting for the only humorous medical journal out there. Yes, before Gomerblog and before ZDoggMD there was the Placebo Journal. Once again, it was all a spoof. The above picture was from an article written about me over a decade ago and the below images are from one issue of the Placebo Journal.

In these times of healthcare insanity, where insurers, hospital administrators and Big Pharma rule the land, isn’t it time we have something or someone so stupid like “King of Medicine” be in charge.

I thought so.

Now please lighten up and smile. And let me take over from here.

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