Another Bold Move by the AAFP

Maybe you haven’t heard but this just happened:

Bill to Ease Student Loan Debt Burden Wins AAFP Support

Yup, the AAFP went all in to help family doctors and maybe, just maybe, get more interest in primary care. What was in the bill, you ask? Don’t be so snarky and suspicious. Here you go:

Specifically, the Academy wrote, student loan interest should be deductible from federal income tax, regardless of income, and interest and principal payments on medical student loans should be deferred until after completion of postgraduate training.

You read that right. They had to rack their brains, and debate for hours, to come up with a resolution to save doctors money for only THREE YEARS!

Nothing like reaching the stars.

(The image of the empty chair is from their link. I have no idea what they meant by it. It sure seems like a metaphor for the AAFP, don’t you think?).

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