I Challenge the AAFP

The AAFP claims they have their finger on the pulse of their members. They claim to be the voice of their membership. Great. This weekend is the DPC Summit. It is nice that they give a little attention to this area and I do applaud them for that. Many of the speakers are my friends, and DPC colleagues, so I know it will be a great event (at least when they talk). I have met Bethany Burke, who runs the event, and she seems really nice and I have only heard great things about her. All this being said, I have to ask, “Why so little”?

The AAFP FMX gives little to no attention to DPC. The AAFP in general gives little to no resources to DPC. In fact, they sell DPC material to make a profit off of it. It seems to me that 99% of all monies flowing into the AAFP are diverted to other areas. So here is my challenge to the AAFP (and that means you, Shawn Martin). Ask ALL of your members a one question survey. Just one. It would go like this:

If you could have a DPC practice, that was established and filled, would you take that job?

Let’s see how many of your members say yes. If that is a large percentage then maybe, just maybe, you push your resources in that direction to make it happen.

So, do you have the guts to send out this survey? It would cost nothing. Nothing. And you would know more about your members than you ever did before.

I know you are reading this, Shawn. I know others at the AAFP are reading this as well. And before you or they tweet some witty response to distract from the challenge, please think twice.

How many of you think they will do it?