When Lawmakers Make Asses of Themselves

Ready for some big news? Well, here you go:

House and Senate Democrats introduced a measure Thursday that would mandate that insurance companies provide full coverage to patients for over-the-counter birth control.

Wow, impressive. On GoodRx.com this costs about $9 a month. DPC docs can get for next to nothing it would cost nothing for the insurers. So what are these idiots negotiating for? Pennies. What a joke. They will rejoice if they get the insurers to supposedly cave in and then the insurers will just use this forced “luxury” as a way to increase their rates even more.

Why, oh why, do we still think insurers should be involved in the everyday healthcare of people? They suck at it. They cheat. They gouge. And they always win financially. Stop it!

(Before you get nasty and think I am picking on the Democrats please know that that the Republicans are just as stupid and bought out).

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