Did You Get an 82% Raise?

I never got an 82% raise when I was employed by two different hospitals. Now that I own my own business I still haven’t got an 82% raise. But you know who has? In Michigan, Beaumont Health CEO John Fox’s compensation increased 82%, to more than $5.6 million, in 2017.

Want more?

The company’s profits last year totaled $142 million and a “long list” of other Beaumont executives saw significant increases and over $1 million in compensation for 2017, according to the release.

But what about the regular workers at the hospital:

The union says staffers aren’t able to provide the quality of personalized care when they feel constantly rushed. Many aren’t able to afford their own medical costs since their healthcare benefits are unaffordable and wages can be as low as $9.45 per hour.

Mike Graham, a certified nursing assistant in the Traumatic Brain Injury unit at Beaumont Hospital in Taylor, said he sometimes has to work 72 hours a week to put food on the table. The long hours take a toll on his ability to parent, he said. 

But the response by the hospital calmed everything down:

Leading an organization like Beaumont requires highly talented executive leadership. Like other organizations of our size and complexity, we must provide compensation and benefits that are reasonable and competitive with what employers in health care and other sectors provide.

That, my friends, is the scam of administrators. I have dealt with this before (long story). As they continue to give each other raises, they keep bringing up the “reasonable and competitive” rate for everyone else. It’s a glorious cycle that only benefits administrators. Hooray!! And the staff and patients keep getting screwed with nursing/patient ratios that are out of control and doctors who no longer have a say as they are bullied out of leadership roles.

This crap has to stop.

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