HeyDoctor, Are You Kidding Me?

I got tipped off about this by one of the loyal readers of this blog. GoodRx, who I support in getting cheaper meds, just stabbed us doctors in the back. They are working with a company called HeyDoctor, who states they can get you a doctor in 5 minutes for things such as:

You can check out the company and the family doc (out of residency six years ago) who started it. Here is some more:

At HeyDoctor, our mission is to increase healthcare efficiency, affordability and accessibility. We’re reinventing how healthcare is accessed and provided with custom end-to-end solutions for patients and providers to connect online in real-time. Thousands of patients a month are using HeyDoctor’s mobile and web apps to get care from our expert doctors and medical team.

We’re reimagining how Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software should be built by taking inspiration from products we love like Slack, Intercom, and Asana and applying those learnings to healthcare. Using our technology doctors on our platform can treat patients over 10X faster than in brick and mortar offices or on video telemedicine, at high quality, and our patients love it. 

We currently treat over 15 common conditions including: 
– Acne Diagnosis, Treatment, and Prevention 
– High Cholesterol (Lipid) Testing and Treatment 
– Start or Refill Birth Control 
– Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Testing and Treatment

I really can’t see who the experts are who they are are treating these patients from the website. The fact that they use the phrase “expert doctors and medical team” means probably what you think it means. But is family medicine about treating patients “10x faster”? Sure, no one likes waiting rooms. I get that. In fact, the DPC world has that part licked too.

Listen, I love new ideas and entrepreneurship like the next person. This young doc was in the right place (San Fran) and had the right pitch to get some major investors. He will make a lot of money. GoodRx is aligned with them because they reap benefits on the back end. But is FRAGMENTATION of care the right way to treat patients? I really don’t think so. I still believe you need your own local doctor who you can communicate and see on a regular basis. I believe DPC beats this.

What do you think?

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