Living the Dream

Okay, so maybe this one should for “Friday Funny.”  As a rabid college football fan, I remember back in 2001 when George O’Leary left Georgia Tech to become the head football coach at Notre Dame.  Several days later he resigned from this legendary post, because of what was described as “resume padding.”  Seems O’Leary had made up having lettered three times in football; worse, he had claimed to have received a master’s degree from a non-existent college.  How did he ever think people wouldn’t check?  I thought the affair funny as hell, but in O’Leary’s defense, at least he was accomplished in his field.  O’Leary moved on to be the head coach for several years at the University of Central Florida in Orlando where…

Catherine Elizabeth McCarthy was recently running for office.  Dr. McCarthy was running for the Florida House of Representatives from District 28, where she recently gained acclaim for treating gunshot victims from the Pulse nightclub shooting three years ago.  “That night of Pulse, I personally removed 77 bullets from 32 people,” said the brave professional to the media.  A Florida representative introduced her at a fundraiser “as a cardiologist with Orlando Health Regional Hospital … a doctor who showed her mettle and heroism after the Pulse nightclub shooting.”

McCarthy said, “The night of Pulse, I was working at Orlando Health. And we’re — you’re never prepared for it. We’ve never experienced something like that.”  Or at least, she hadn’t.

Maybe it’s the proximity to the Magic Kingdom, where so many dreams seem momentarily real.  An investigation by the very real Florida Department of Health determined “since ‘2014 (or) 2015’ (McCarthy) had knowingly been holding herself out as a Medical Doctor” and that she misled the public as she prepared for her campaign.”  McCarthy was a RN, who’s license expired in 2005.  After local media could not confirm her impressive medical credentials, she released a statement that, “After thoughtful contemplation, due to professional obligations, I am withdrawing as a Democratic candidate seeking the nomination and election in Florida House District 28.” 

McCarthy said she “wanted to be somebody in the community.”

“I’m sorry that I gave any impersonation … I knew it was wrong and I should have stopped.”

That hasn’t been impressive enough to the state, which has prohibiting her “from practicing Medicine and/or holding herself out as a medical doctor” and has ordered her to pay the department a $1,000 fine and $2,094.95 in investigatory costs. 

Too bad.  That much money could have bought a great weekend at the new Star Wars theme park, or (insert gratuitous swipe here) would have been a nice down payment toward an on-line “Doctor Of Nursing” degree.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the next rocket is leaving tomorrow for the International Space Station, and I’ve got to get to the Cape to suit up.  

Pat Conrad MD

Pat Conrad is a full-time rural ER doc on the Florida Gulf Coast. After serving as a carrier naval flight officer, he graduated from the University of Florida College of Medicine, and the Tallahassee Family Medicine residency program. His commentary has appeared in Medical Economics and at . Conrad’s work stresses individual freedom and autonomy as the crucial foundation for medical excellence, is wary of all collective solutions, and recognizes that the vast majority of poisonous snakebites are concurrent with alcohol consumption. 

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  1. Jesse Lee Belville,PA-C
    July 29, 2019 at 10:57 am

    I worked with 2 very fine PA-C’s who were engaging, liked by other staff, respected for their abilities. Both claimed to be Vietnam Veterans, both claimed wounds.
    Neither were Veterans, one died in a shootout with New York state police while wearing jungle fatigues, and camo paint on his face.
    The other guy claimed to be a Special Forces Veteran and prior POW, he was not. Turned out he had some jail time .. Very sad.
    Pretenders are so lost and should be removed from their Fantasy, gently, before they hurt themselves or others.Then sent to their rooms for intense therapy. There are so many ways people can excel and be Fantastic.

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