Organ Hunters International

This kind of stuff makes me miss the Placebo Journal. I would have done a whole page for a fake television show parody. What is my inspiration? Well, for one, the show House Hunters International. And for another, I have this article in the WSJ:

About 30 euthanasia patients in Canada have donated their organs after death since 2016. On June 3 the Canadian Medical Association issued guidelines for how the process should work. The grim document describes how the organ donation and euthanasia decisions might be disentangled, but allows doctors to raise the possibility of organ donation with assisted-suicide patients. It also clarifies that organ removal should not begin until the patient is medically deceased and the heart has stopped beating.

But some experts quarrel with this restriction. Last year in a New England Journal of Medicine article, two Canadian medical researchers and a Harvard bioethicist argued that it could reduce the quality of donated organs. A superior model, they suggest, could be to kill the patient by removing his organs. After all, the best organs come from live people, like those who donate one of their kidneys.

You can see the slippery slope here, right? It could come to a time where rich Americans would shop the world for the best organ from a living or euthanized patient. Here’s a future episode:

I am not poking fun at any of these people in the pictures above. I am just trying to see the future and it could go bad, real quick.

Or am I overthinking this just for the joke?