“Power Up”, the New Game by Hasbeen

You are NOT going to believe this but the same idiots are at the same game. It is actually so laughable that it is hard to type right now. Ok, it’s called Powering-Up Primary Care Teams: Advanced Team Care with In-room Support and here you go:

However, “a new team model is bubbling up across the country with the potential to reinvigorate primary care,” they add.

This new model comes with a bit of twist and has been dubbed “advanced team care with in-room support.” The authors explain that in this core team model, each physician is paired with two or three highly trained medical assistants or nurses — referred to as care team coordinators.

“This model extends the clinician visit into a team visit,” say the authors, with a care team coordinator beginning the visit by completing a number of tasks, including taking an initial history, reconciling medications, addressing chronic and preventive care gaps, and setting the visit agenda based on patient concerns.

The physician joins the visit after 10-15 minutes, “sits face-to face with the patient (without the computer dividing her attention),” expands the history and does a focused physical exam. The physician talks with the patient about a diagnosis and a care plan while the care team coordinator types notes and enters documentation into the EHR.

The team coordinator stays with the patient to review the care plan; set up referrals, labs and follow-up visits; and provide health coaching as indicated.

  • Advanced team care with in-room support?
  • Each physician is paired with two or three highly trained medical assistants or nurses?
  • A care team coordinator beginning the visit….team coordinator stays with the patient?

Can you afford this? Can anyone? This will be an initiative that will fail so quickly it will make your head spin. But I am sure it will be tried.

So who thought up this crap and who is in charge of it? Our old friends, Christine Sinsky, M.D., vice president of professional satisfaction at the AMA and Thomas Bodenheimer M.D., M.P.H., founding director of the Center for Excellence in Primary Care(cepc.ucsf.edu) at the University of California, San Francisco, Department of Family & Community Medicine. The letter is an ivory tower doc who is listed on The Commonwealth Fund site. The former has been hammered on this site before,

The people who think they are in charge of the healthcare system will try anything except the one thing that works, DIRECT PRIMARY CARE.

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