The Park Ranger with the AED

This past week, my veterinarian sister suddenly collapsed.

She had a cardiac arrest while driving. Her passenger was able to get the car off the road with no crashes or injuries.

A few cars back, a National Park Ranger (our area is full of Civil War Battlefields) came to her rescue. He had an AED in his car.

Boom! Rhythm back!

Most police do not carry AED’s. This one did and my sister lived.

The road has not been easy. She did not wake up in the ER and underwent a “Code ICE” procedure at Mary Washington Hospital (the same hospital in Doug’s recent post).

For days, we gathered at the bedside, wondering if she would ever awaken.

A few days ago, she finally woke up.

Everyday brings obvious improvement. A lot of physical therapy is ahead.

Today, she got her permanent ICD – Pacemaker.

Thank you to her passenger, the bystanders, the many kind and competent people at the hospital,


…Thank you to the Park Ranger with the AED

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