Those Who Can’t, Lobby

The more medicine is immersed in the daily passions of politics, the less serious it becomes.  And it seems like a battle long since lost, as health care is injected into every political fight and agenda dominating the entire media spectrum. 

And wherever there is a flight from seriousness, we may be sure that the AMA will be leading the charge.  Last year these rock stars of mendacity took on racial segregation and homelessness  something they could never fix and have no business talking about (These heroes even cancelled their 2018 convention in San Francisco, because of the health hazards represented by those very same homeless).  Having not fixed those domestic social problems for which they had no ability to solve, the AMA is now intent on (not) fixing the looming threat of climate change. 

“74 medical and public health groups aligned on Monday to push for a series of consensus commitments to combat climate change, bluntly defined by the organizations as ‘a health emergency,'” according to the AP.  The “objective” journalist writing this tells us, “The health organizations’ policy recommendations … represent a back-to-basics approach…”

To what basics does this medical consortium wish to return? 

– “Meet and strengthen U.S. commitments” under the 2015 United Nations climate agreement

– New carbon taxation

– “A plan and timeline for reduction of fossil fuel extraction in the U.S.”

“That the agenda’s endorsing groups do not operate with ‘a political axe to grind’ could help them draw more attention to climate change, said Ed Maibach, director of the Center for Climate Change Communication at George Mason University.”  This is a naked, damnable lie.  This is pure politics, nothing more, and doctors joining hands with this are (once again) selling out their profession in the name of their own phony goodness.

Unable to make the practice of medicine even a little more palatable, unwilling to fight the slightest government intrusion into our professional lives, these self-indulgent morons are now nakedly glomming onto a particular party platform.  It is no defense of the other party to recognize this approach as contemptible.  Allegedly populated by members with scientific training, the AMA et al are trying to fit a white lab coat to a set of unproven ideas whose fuel is ideology, and whose exhaust is …what? 

“’It is important that current and future physicians are able to describe the risks that climate change poses to human health so that they can counsel their patients on how to protect themselves from the health risks posed by climate change,” said AMA Board Member S. Bobby Mukkamala, M.D” (Does he mean more sunscreen PSA’s in Winnipeg, and prescriptions for hip-waders in south Florida?).  Put more honestly, Mukkamala is telling doctors to buy into a particular political advocacy so that they can then lobby their patients.  When not busy trying to stamp a medical imprimatur on the southern border controversy (and encouraging more cross-border communicable disease transmission), the American College of Physicians has published a Climate Change Toolkit to “help reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions in your practice.”  Because that has got to be a major concern for overworked clinicians trying to make the next lease payment.

Dishonest is not a strong enough word for this garbage.

Apart from cooking up the latest ICD-11 codes for climate-change related diagnoses, the sellouts in Chicago have no credibility in pushing a non-settled scientific question outside of their expertise, to which they are not applying any critical analysis.  The AMA et al has no idea what the economic ramifications will be to mass fiddling with the energy market that affects pricing in every other good and service.  It is doubtful therefore that they could predict the health consequences for hundreds of millions following any blind policy prescriptions they are pushing.  It would be nice if organized medicine could change the climate for the physicians it claims to represent.  Until the AMA and their little siblings can make a positive difference for their own profession, they should be laughed out of the building.

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