Finding Joy in the Middle of the Sh*t Show (Blog #2 in Sunday Dreads Blog series)

“Even on the struggle bus, you can smile. It’s all about perspective.”

I truly believe that our thoughts contribute to making our situations worse. By narrowing in on the misery, annoyances and pain points, we block out any potential positives. 

For example: I use to develop an anxiety tornado in my head at the beginning of a long call weekend. “What if I get called all weekend long? What if I don’t sleep? What if I miss a call and someone dies or something terrible happens???” Sleep is crucial to me functioning at my highest level. So I would start this whirlwind of thoughts, then not sleep well and next I’d start off the morning thinking, THIS DAY IS GOING TO BE HORRIBLE I DIDN’T SLEEP WELL I’M SO TIRED THIS IS MISERABLE. 

When I went to another position (which also had call, more call time in fact), I found that I no longer went through the anxiety tornado about call because I adapted my thoughts. Instead of ‘what ifs,’ I substitute with “Of course. you will probably get a call, people need your help and guidance” -or- “If I get called all night then I will just give myself space and time to sleep some tomorrow.” I also started reminding myself, “No matter what comes across the phone, you are capable to manage it.” 

On call is not an ideal situation for me so what’s your less than ideal situation that you can use  your thoughts to recreate your mood and your reality? 

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