It Turns Out that People Hate Paying a Massive Tax that is the ACA

You are not going to believe this but:

Health insurance enrollment declined among people who do not qualify for financial help under ObamaCare as premiums rose to make coverage less affordable, new federal data shows. 

So, let me get this straight, we have a massive tax that is now voluntary. It is a redistribution of wealth where some people have to pay literally nothing for their health care while others get to pay the amount of a mortgage for their house. Not true, you say? Well, I can tell you that where I am there is a clear dollar amount that you can make that decides whether you pay about $1800 a month for a family for ACA insurance on the exchange or you pay ZERO. ZERO! They couldn’t even figure out how to make a sliding scale. Idiots. They also couldn’t figure how to use the method by colleges to see what you net worth is. Nope, they went by income so rich retirees also got free care.

The result of all this is that people are protesting with their feet and walking away from this massive tax. And we are surprised by any of this? Please peruse this blog that started talking about the ACA failure before it was even passed.

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