Moving Towards Your Ideal Work (Blog #3 in Sunday Dreads Blog series)

In my experience, looking at job descriptions can be super depressing. You feel like you need more training, you need to move, you need to travel. 

But before you get on LinkedIn and start panicking that your perfect job is nowhere to be seen, I want you to take a GIANT step back and envision your ideal work day. 

What kind of work would you be doing? 

Where would you live? 

What would your evenings and weekends look like? 

If you could dream up ANY job for yourself – any combination of skills and responsibilities — if POOF you had the training to do any job you wanted — what would it be? This doesn’t need to be a “real” job. It’s imaginary! Just go with it.

Why is this the job?

Now that you have the job in mind … how can you start moving toward it? (Still no looking at LinkedIn, the job boards or emailing a recruiter…yet!!) 

There’s magic in networking and telling people what you’re looking for. For instance, when I started texting old med school friends and residency classmates that I was looking for my next position, opportunities started falling into my lap. By hiding at home, holed up with your computer, checking listings, you don’t get too far. Connections are key.

Look for that “bridge job” meaning be open to taking a job that’s closer to what you want but isn’t ideal yet. Don’t put so much pressure on the next job to be the “perfect” job. Instead, acknowledge that you are making moves and this is one step closer to where you want to be.

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