My Latest DPC Book: Patient Churn (Turnover)

This is basically a sequel to my first book. Direct Primary Care is a life saver for many of us doctors but that doesn’t mean it’s all rainbows and lollipops. Patients joining your dream practice is exhilarating and affirming but patients leaving your dream practice is demoralizing and depressing. And we all go through both. I spent the last year trying to look at what other industries are doing about this and then experimenting with it in my own DPC practice. I think I have some pretty good stuff here that may help everyone at EVERY level, even those just starting out.

Everyone needs to worry about losing patients. It’s not only a blow to your ego when people are going out the door seemingly as fast as they are coming in but also a blow to your bottom line. And it could put you out of business. This books shows you how to do those things that slow patients from leaving. The reason this is important is that once they leave they are probably gone forever. In fact, this book will show you to never argue with anyone going out the door. It will show you the right way to ask “why” they left. This book will talk about value, subscription fatigue, building trust, and doing the little things and the extra touches that may save you a lot of money and heartache in the long run.

Some of the things you will learn by reading Slowing the Churn in Direct Primary Care (While Also Keeping Your Sanity):

  • How and why to analyze why patients are churning through your practice
  • Why some patients are not for you
  • Why hedonistic adaptation is affecting your practice
  • The traps of email and texting
  • How to create a community around your practice
  • The four agreements of DPC
  • You are not an imposter

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Thank you all.