Ridiculous Study of the Week: EHR Investment

This will blow your mind. A recent study found private practices are less likely to maintain EHR technology than clinicians in other care settings, such as hospitals or group practices.

And now some more:

Ultimately, researchers found 49 percent of independent physicians successfully attested to meaningful use at least once during the program. Comparatively, 70 percent of the physicians that integrated with group practices or hospitals attested to meaningful use.

Furthermore, about 50 percent of independent physicians that attested to meaningful use between 2011 and 2013 also attested in 2015. This finding indicates more independent physicians left the meaningful use program as years went on than those who had integrated into other practice types.

Now why do you think all this is happening? Could it be that EHR’s are expensive, don’t add much to patient care, and they basically are a time suck?

Yeah, that may be it

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