The Constant in Healthcare: Executive Pay Keeps Going Up

It is always nice to be able to count on something in this crazy healthcare system of ours. And that something is this:

Average total cash compensation for health system executives rose 6.5% from 2018 to 2019, extending a consistent rise in executive pay that governance experts do not expect to slow.

Annual and long-term performance-based incentives have driven pay hikes of 4% to 7% each of the last four years, according to Modern Healthcare’s annual Executive Compensation Survey

The rest of the article, in the link above, will make you want to vomit but here is a typical quote you hear all the time:

“Qualified talent is in short supply, which requires a deliberate approach to talent strategy as new roles emerge and new responsibilities unfold,” he said.

They never say this about nurses and doctors, though. It is always about their executive brethren.

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