The Disappearing Doctor

A doctor joins a group.  Things seem to go well.  The doctor becomes popular in the community.  After a few years, things are not so well.  Maybe it’s the doctor’s fault.  Maybe the group is in turmoil.  Maybe it is just a bad fit.

The doctor leaves.  Now there are issues:  Restrictive covenants;  Practice financial deficits;  New competition;  Unresolved anger issues on both sides.

Patients call.  They have grown to trust this doctor.

Staff: “The doctor you want is not available.”
Patient: “Did he leave the practice?”
Staff: “The doctor is not here.”
Patient: “Is the doctor coming back?  Is the doctor moving to another practice?  Is the doctor dead?”
Staff: “We can’t say.”

As doctors, we do this to ourselves.   No wonder we can’t work together to make important changes!

(Editor’s Note: Actually, I see this by hospital employers more than anything else but that picture above is perfect!! DF)

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