The Pain Pendulum

I have been in medicine for almost 30 years. I have seen the same idiots in charge claim we were NOT doing enough to treat pain. That’s when the 5th vital was created, with the help of the Joint Commission. JCAHO made up cards with those smiley faces and those cards coincidentally had Purdue Pharmaceutical at the bottom. Then things changed. Pill mills and narc seekers came out from under the rocks. Instead of clamping down on them, the same idiots in charge blamed us again. Their answer? Restrict our ability to give pain meds to those truly in need. Now pharmacies are stopping real doctors from doing their jobs. This is ridiculous. Even the CDC is trying to push the pendulum back again:

Last month, the CDC clarified its position, saying the response to the opioid crisis went too far. In a New England Journal of Medicine editorial, a panel of experts cited examples such as inflexible thresholds on dosages, abrupt tapering and misapplication of the guidelines for people with cancer, sickle cell disease or recovering from surgery.

Did this fix things? NO!!! Individual states are trying to show how they are stopping the opioid crisis so they are passing laws. The state boards of medicine are salivating at a new way to punish doctors and meet their quotas. This is insane!

Here is what I would do:

  • Put all “pill mill” doctors in jail. They are easy to find. When it is questionable then send in a fake patient to prove it. Look at the picture at the top. This is what was going on!
  • Put all narc seekers in jail. The ones that truly have a problem and are using the meds themselves can go to rehab. If they sell it then they need to go to prison.

Too harsh? Then what do you think?

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