Why Am I So Miserable?

Do you find yourself anxious, upset, irritable on Sunday nights or the night before going into work? My friend, you are experiencing Sunday dreads. It is a symptom of a large problem. So, let’s just acknowledge that this IS NOT NORMAL even though it is common (In a 2013 poll from the career site Monster.com, 81 percent of American respondents said they get Sunday-night blues—and 59 percent said they experience them “really bad.”)

It should not be normal for a person to hope they don’t wake up to go to work the next day. Or hope they come down with an illness. Or turn into an anxiety ridden basketcase just thinking about the next day of work. But the reality is…most of us do.

Ok, now let’s get to work.

What makes your job so miserable? 

I want you to list every single thing. From the commute to co-workers to what you are actually doing and everything in between. Tell me about the suck!

If you could exchange the top 3 things that make your job miserable, would you stay?

If your answer is yes: how can you change those 3 major issues in your work?

Common strategies I suggestion: actually ASKING for what you need at work to the person who can ACTUALLY make it happen, creatively barter with coworkers to take on more responsibilities you enjoy and give away those you don’t and learning to say NO. 

If your answer is no: what are you going to do about making a transition plan from this job?

You were created for more than paying bills and dying. Why not start searching for the work that you are passionate about instead of being a slave to your circumstances.

Don’t believe me that you can find a different job that what you are doing now that brings you fulfillment and joy? Bloomberg reported earlier this year that there are 151 million jobs in the US. I’m not a numbers person but pretty sure out of 151,000,000 positions, there’s one there that fits you. 
And even if an employed position is not your jam, create your own job because entrepreneurship is a viable option. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data reported 9.6 million people are unincorporated self-employed business owners and those that are incorporated are 5.13 million. The time for being miserable is over.

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