Dr. Google (This Story is Not What You Think)

Yes, we have all seen the above mug. We’ve all had a chuckle. But what if Google really was trying to be your patient’s doctor? Every medical search performed by a patient is saved and analyzed by them. They use listening devices in unexpected places. These are just the covert methods. But how about blatantly having a deal with a hospital and taking the medical information of patients without their consent? Yup, they got that going too.

The hospital shared electronic health records of patients it treated between 2009 and 2016 with Google, according to the lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. Google and the hospital claimed individuals could not be identified from the medical records, but the records contained times and dates of treatment as well as notes from providers, the lawsuit alleges.

“Google — as one of the most prolific data mining companies — is uniquely able to determine the identity of almost every medical record the University released,” according to the lawsuit.

How is it that hospitals can give or sell information to the likes of Google or the insurers and get away with it? I am sure they have some profit motive but how is this not breaking HIPAA laws? God forbid, though, if a doctor whispers something about a patient too loud. Now that would be a travesty.

We need to be very careful about who is trying to take over the healthcare system. I am not comfortable giving big tech the keys to this shitty kingdom. The keys need to be held by the doctors who could be the ones to fix it if we were just allowed to.

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