Forget Mary Jane and Her Cousin CBD

A counter argument on their use for PTSD (Interactive effects of PTSD and substance use on suicidal ideation and behavior in military personnel: Increased risk from marijuana use)

“Results suggest marijuana, especially for military personnel experiencing elevated PTSD symptoms may negatively impact suicidal thoughts and behavior. These results are relevant to suggestions that medical marijuana could be used in treating or augmenting treatment for PTSD.”

            Ok, so this contradicts a recent blog written about marijuana and CBD for PTSD: But that’s science right? Studies that contradict. This particular study reported:

“The interaction between PTSD symptoms and marijuana use significantly predicted increased PTSD symptoms over time and suicidal behavior. At high, but not low levels of PTSD symptoms, more days using marijuana predicted increased PTSD symptoms over time and the likelihood of suicidal behavior.”

            Other studies support the premise of worse PTSD symptoms with marijuana use (2):

“In this observational study, initiating marijuana use after treatment was associated with worse PTSD symptoms, more violent behavior, and alcohol use. Marijuana may actually worsen PTSD symptoms or nullify the benefits of specialized, intensive treatment. Cessation or prevention of use may be an important goal of treatment (2).”

            This in the face of an increasing number of states have approved posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana, although little evidence exists evaluating the effect of marijuana use in PTSD (2).

So I guess it comes down to the conclusion that more research is needed. 


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