Medicaid Still Paying for Dead People

I found this amusing:

Illinois spent $4.6 million covering deceased Medicaid managed care beneficiaries from October 2015 through September 2017, the Office of the Inspector General for the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services found.

The state did not recover payments made to private insurers administering Medicaid benefits in Illinois, according to the report released last month. Medicaid managed care is the joint state and federal health insurance system for low-income people.

As the title of this blog entry eludes to, this is not new for the government. They paid $600K in Wisconsin.

These are two states wasting over $5 million just on DEAD PEOPLE!!! I am sure they have done this in each state. And remember, this doesn’t include fraudulent payments that they have made.

Tell me again why the government should be in charge of healthcare?

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Douglas Farrago MD

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  6 comments for “Medicaid Still Paying for Dead People

  1. Ben P
    September 14, 2019 at 10:21 pm

    Maybe another way to look at it would be to nationalise the whole health care system. That way any “profits” only go back to the payer. Unfortunately the whole supply and demand curve simply doesn’t work when there is potentially infinite demand – even Roosevelt understood this even though it was his government that allowed the pharmaceutical patent system to cause the USA to have the dearest medication costs in the world.

  2. JRDO
    September 9, 2019 at 1:15 pm
  3. September 9, 2019 at 10:30 am

    Medicaid is the cash cow for the managed-care cartel.

  4. rick
    September 9, 2019 at 9:58 am

    Sometimes it just feels all so freaking hopeless, doesn’t it?

  5. R Stuart
    September 9, 2019 at 8:45 am

    “Tell me again why the government should be in charge of healthcare?”

    Well, if the alternative is a private insurer that would pay its worthless CEO 75 million during the same two year period . . .

    • R Stuart
      September 9, 2019 at 10:18 am

      And note that it was private insurers who were keeping the dead bodies on the rolls and collecting the payments.

      The whole system stinks.

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