Take Control of Your Life by Figuring out WTF You Want (Blog #4 in series)


I work and coach with physicians colleagues who do great, amazing feats. They help babies, children, teens, adults, pregnant women, trauma victims, critically ill,  mentally ill, and those who have cancer or are dying. They give medicines, perform procedures or surgeries, identity pathology, develop plans that if they didn’t, patients would lose life or limb. They do all these amazing works BUT they are MISERABLE, extremely unhappy, empty. Then they experience shame and guilt about not finding fulfillment in their work.

They have trained for years, refined their art of medicine through continued practice, interacted with countless people and during all of this, forgotten or misplaced WHAT THEY REALLY WANT IN THEIR LIFE.

Quotes from my people…

“I really want to work from home.” “I married a beautiful woman. I want to be with her more.”

“I want to make an impact that doesn’t kill my sleep.”

“I want to be free.”

“I want a job that brings me joy and I don’t have to continually plan a vacation to get away from.”

“I want to raise my children. Me. Not the grandparents, the nanny, the babysitter. Me.”

“I want to be able to be myself. Not living in different boxes that fit the situation. I want to truly be there person I am in my job.” 

So please, write it down your answers to these questions

  • What I want in my life is…
  • What I need in my life is…
  • What I must have in my life…
  • Then tell me why. 

The next part of this journey is then identifying what your life would feel and look like if these were in it.

Lastly, how do you move closer to this? (That’s where having a great life coach comes in ? Helping dreams become actions so actions can produce the life and work you love)

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