UVa Health System, “I wish I knew how to quit you”.

Ok, I made that quote up. Some may get the reference. Anyway, there has been a major brouhaha about the UVa Health System suing patients to get paid. I will give my opinion in a minute but here is the quote from this article:

UVA Health System, which sues thousands of patients each year, seizing wages and home equity to collect on overdue medical bills, said Friday it would increase financial assistance, give bigger discounts to the uninsured and “reduce our reliance on the legal system.”

So, they are cutting back their aggressiveness because they were called out on it. This doesn’t mean they will quit but just need to cool it for a while.

These are the questions and thoughts flying back and forth in my brain:

  • I like the UVA Health System as far as quality of care and refer all my tough patients there.
  • Shouldn’t “customers” have to pay for things?
  • Maybe they would pay for things if these things were reasonable in cost and equal to what the insurers actually pay?
  • Some people have terrible insurance with massive deductibles and are getting screwed by the insurers.
  • Why is that the hospitals fault? Why should they suck up the debt?
  • Why can’t we get the REAL prices on things and move back to old “major medical” insurance plants of the 70s?

As you can see, I have no answers. That being said, it is easy to make the big hospital out as evil. I just don’t think it is that simple.

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