What Can You Control?

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As the tendency towards overwhelm occurs in so many areas of modern life these days, building a compelling future, no matter what the past, has certain fundamental requirements of you as an executive and architect of your own future. You and I cannot control what’s going on in the outside environment, but we can control what’s going on between our own two ears.

All of us can take a very proactive stance with our own head space. We can educate our patients. Better train our staff. Fully educate our communities.

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But in order to do really do this, you cannot come from fear. You cannot come from lack. You must make sure that you are coming from your highest purpose when you enter the office every single day.

One of your highest purposes has got to be your own financial freedom and your own unique prosperity.

It’s important that you take steps now to make sure that you’ve solidified the financial income to your office and the amount of personal savings from your practice.

I recently spoke to two docs back to back from similar parts of the country. They were in the same age group. One doctor had been in practice about 15 years and the other about 12 years. One doctor was doing extraordinary well. The other was absolutely going down the tubes.

What could possibly account for the major differences?

I investigated a bit further. What was happening was that the doctor that was having a difficult time had failed to respond to warning signals many months earlier. Certain third parties came in and basically said, “There is no more coverage for X, Y and Z.” His entire practice, which at one point in time was an enormous practice, was suddenly shut down because he had nothing to fall back on. He had no other pathways.

To bulletproof your practice and future in any economy, you have to maintain a very close and diligent watch on your vision. Along with this, you must also make sure that you have developed the personal time to reflect and investigate, and the necessary administrative time in your office to deal with all these things.

It does take time to implement and perfect real world procedures and train your staff, but unless you actually build this development time into your practice, you’re going to have a difficult time with what’s coming down in the future, regardless of whether or not you participate in insurance.

If you have been at this a while, you, as well as I, need to continually remind ourselves when we hit some of these frustrations that practice is radically different now.

I continuously remind my team to come from a position of acceptance, calmness, recognition and figuring out new and better ways, and to how to help private practice prosper. This type of approach makes an enormous difference.

The doctors that have taught themselves to engage in this behavior have restructured their personal lives and office hours, so they have the needed admin time. They have found it enormously beneficial.

There are just some things you need to be fully cognizant and aware of what it’s going to take to continue to bulletproof your practice, and indeed your private life.

To that end, remember it’s a work in progress. Let us help.

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