Health Insurance Addiction

Here is a great article by my friend, Dr. Jeffery Gold M.D. It’s called Our Unhealthy Addiction to Health Insurance. PLEASE read it, but more importantly, share it. In it he discusses:

  • The unbelievable high cost of health insurance and the lack of value delivered in return. (we are paying Porsche prices for Yugo performance)
  • The poor but typical American experience in seeking healthcare
  • The true purpose of health insurance
  • How the system got messed up when health insurance stopped being a form of insurance and instead became a default payment system.
  • His thoughts on recovery

Dr. Gold is a DPC doc like myself. I am proud to say that we are part of the solution by NOT working within this broken system. Let’s all hope we can break this addiction because if we don’t then we are screwed.

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