You are Exposed and Your Medical Image is Free for the Taking

I keep hammering this same point over and over: our medical information is being sold or is being stolen all the time. Article after article keeps coming out about these breeches and there is very little being done about it. Check out this article headline:

Millions of Americans’ Medical Images and Data Are Available on the Internet. Anyone Can Take a Peek.

Hundreds of computer servers worldwide that store patient X-rays and MRIs are so insecure that anyone with a web browser or a few lines of computer code can view patient records. One expert warned about it for years.

It is so easy, apparently, that one person in the piece said it is not even hacking. ProPublica states that 187 servers in the U.S. made patients’ records available without a password!

I highly recommend you read the whole article from the link. This is negligent and scary. We need to do better. We are so exposed out there. Literally.

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