Doing It All Versus Doing Just What Matters

I believe I can have it all. But do I WANT it all?

This is a question that I’ve been wrestling with lately. As of 2020, I will have been in business as a life coach and entrepreneur for 5 years!


When I left my practice in 2017, I was fully all in to chasing down ‘all the things.’ Getting everything I ever wanted. 

The freedom of schedule. No burden of administrative clinical tasks I hated doing but felt obligated to do. Being able to say yes and say no when the hell I felt like it. Being more available to my kids instead of relying on others so heavily for these little creatures I love.

I never have wanted an extravagant life but I’ve always had high ambitions. 

I saw others being an entrepreneur and making it look so effortless. I’ve never been one to shirk away from hard work so it seemed doable – even with little experience, right.

So, I jumped in with guns ablazin’….

And I’ve done all the things…facebook live videos, newsletters, social media posting, launches, campaigns, ads. Adjusted my words (the lingo is “copy”) so it “attracted my ideal clients.”

All. the. things.

Five years and counting, and you know what I would tell my past self…

There is no end to “all the things”

I truly believed that I could have it all if I did it all. And that it would give me the fulfillment I was looking for. But…now evaluating and looking at myself doing of the things, experiences and opportunities, I realize that I’m not any happier because of them.

I can still be as unfulfilled in my small business as I was in full time clinical practice.  I can still have those feelings of guilt and not being ‘enough’. I could burn myself out as a burnout coach!!!! AHHHH

So coming back to my question…I believe I can have it all. But do I WANT it all?

It’s a resounding….NO.

At first, I resisted it. I’d be mad to not want it all…right? Who doesn’t want security, freedom, and happiness?

Thankfully, I decided to start looking within again for my answers, and shut off the external voices.

If the things I thought I wanted (high earning income, less work, play more, wear yoga pants all day) were not going to give me security and fulfillment, then what would?

What is that for me…it’s CONNECTION and IMPACT.

So, my friend…

What brings you security, fulfillment, happiness?

Next question…

Are you doing them?

Friend, there’s nothing wrong with wanting ‘more’. Nothing whatsoever!

But make sure you step back and take time to analyze if ‘more’ is really giving you what we’re looking for. Is working overtime, picking up the extra shift, grinding a little more really helping you to have it all?

Is ignoring your kids and husband so you can get that project done really helping you to have it all?

Is staying in a place because you can pay off your student loans quicker really helping you to have it all?

Is working a few more years until the age of when you ‘should’ retire really helping you to have it all?

Instead of having it all, I’m going to choose to just have more. More connection. More impact. 

And I think that will be enough for me 🙂

Author: the self-proclaimed wellness guru on Authentic Medicine. The one and only, Errin Weisman, DO

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