You Are Not Alone

When you are sitting on your home computer at 12:59am finishing up and closing charts like a beast from the days or weeks before. 

You are not alone.

When you are internally crushed by a diagnosis or a patient encounter you just had then walk into the next room only to be passively aggressive berated by the next patient because you are late.

You are not alone.

When you are driving home late, hoping everyone is asleep because you have no more energy to even carry on one more conversation.

You are not alone

When you are sitting at your kitchen bar and to the right are your student loan debt statements. You’ve officially paid of all the interest but the principal is still a sickening number. And to your left is your employment contract that feels more like a noose than a privilege or joy. When you are trying to figure out how you are just going to survive…

You are not alone.

When you are sitting on the edge of your bed while in the other room you hear giggles and Bubble Guppies, but all you can feel is brokenness and despair while saying softly, “How am I going to make it through another day?” 

You are not alone.

Who here can relate to anything I’ve said so far? RAISE YOUR HAND

Who here would be willing to listen to a colleague who is feeling alone? STAND UP

Now, who here would give a hug to a colleague who would in turn give one back? DO THAT…GIVE SOMEONE ELSE A HUG

Because…you are not alone!

But the first big step is saying, “HEY….Me too! I feel like that. You too? Let’s talk or hug about it”

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. In your darkest moments, you are not alone. Stop letting your brain lie to you and say you are all alone. I see you. I understand and so do so many others. Reach out, talk to someone because connection is the antidote to one of the most crippling symptoms of burnout, isolation.

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