You Just Need More Training

Here is how you change the narrative about EMRs:

High-quality training correlates with higher EHR satisfaction across specialities, according to a new report from KLAS Research.

Doctors hate their EMRs. They hate that they are built for billing and NOT care. It is a big part of the burnout problem. But there is a lot of money in these things for those that are behind it. There is no way that the powers in charge will let burned-out doctors control the narrative. So what do they do? Well, they create bogus studies with the obligatory media hype that shows that doctors just need MORE time on their EMRs:

“There is no single, perfect training program,” the KLAS report admits, “but implementing certain practices, such as using knowledgeable instructors for onboarding or providing lots of online content for follow-up training, can help build an education platform that is useful to clinicians, regardless of their specialty.”

The answer is NO. Stop the metrics. Stop the coding. Stop the note fudging to get better billing. Doctors are not satisfied with their EMRs because of these issues. They do not need more training!

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