Ingenio is Our New Pharmacy Plan….

We’re getting older and we’re on a couple of medications.   Our health plan is the same but they switched pharmacy plans to Ingenio.  Automated refills stopped. Payment preferences vanished. You have to go online and reset your preferences.  Dang! What were those passwords, again?

I realized I needed to make a refill request and sent in the info.  The prescriptions arrived within a week. There was a bill for a copay in the box.  We paid the bill by mail a couple of days ago.

Tonight, my phone rings.  My caller ID was not helpful, not that I ever believe caller ID in this age of caller spoofing.“May I speak with Mr. *name mispronounced* or Ms. *name mispronounced*?

“Speaking.” “For verification purposes, what is your zip code?

“Who are you?

“Ingenio.  What is your zip code?”I give it.“What medicines did we fill for you?

“You’re kidding.  Now, I am very uncomfortable.  You’re a stranger on a cold phone call and you want private medical information? Are you crazy?”“You have a balance due.

“Yes…. It’s from about ten days ago.  Is this a bill collector call? Really?!?”  “It’s actually from almost three weeks ago and this is a courtesy call.  The bill is due immediately upon receipt”.  They mailed the bill out 18 days ago with the medicine and it took about a week to arrive.  Like I said…. Ten days ago.

I was pretty sure my wife had already mailed in the payment, but I was kind of angry by now and I didn’t feel like giving any slack to this caller.

An offer was made to take my credit card info.  Over the phone…. From a phone call made to me, without any warning, for a bill that arrived ten days ago for $75…. From some stranger who claims to be from Ingenio.

How many times a week do I hear about my elderly patients getting phone and computer notifications that are attempts to defraud them?  Here is Ingenio mimicking the whole scam thing. Are they really that stupid?

I first started seeing Ingenio a couple of months ago.  I thought it was a ridiculous name for a pharmacy supplier.  It sounds like a chain of fast food pizzas or something.Ingenio…. I don’t like you.

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