Now That You’re Addicted…How Can I Help You?

Secret portions of a lawsuit allege that Purdue Pharma, controlled by the Sackler family, considered capitalizing on the addiction treatment boom — while going to extreme lengths to boost sales of its controversial opioid”. Yes, you’ve read that correctly. But are you really surprised?

Not content with billions in profits from OxyContin, Purdue Pharma looked to expanding into the anti-addiction market, while continuing to boost sales of its product. The company secretly pushed for higher doses of OxyContin and mislead physicians while blaming patients for its misuse. It’s tactics were recently redacted in Massachusetts’ 274-page civil complaint against the pharmaceutical company. Since 2007, the Sackler family has received more than $4 billion in payouts from Purdue while scores overdosed.

Interestingly, the Sackler family controlled the board, and essentially managed all aspects of the company, from marketing to concealing information about doctors suspected of inappropriately prescribing the opioids. Does this sound similar to one of the previous articles I summarized, where insurance companies ignored a prolific scammer who was billing 99215 illegally, for years! Despite paying $600 million in fines and penalties for understanding the risk of addiction tied to Oxycontin in 2007, the company continued to aggressively market its product, resulting in approximately 200,000 overdose deaths since 1999. The two CEO’s who, at that time, pleaded guilty were rewarded for their loyalty with $9 Million! 

As anti-opioid marketing took stream and the public became more aware, in 2014, Purdue embarked on the next secret project to join the anti-abuse industry. This was code named “Project Tango”. Here, Purdue focused on producing Suboxone & Narcan, two of the most available and utilized drugs in our time to fight the opioid epidemic. Even though these initiatives appear to have stalled or ended, they were still able to receive a patent for a drug to treat addiction.

Here you have it. The insurance giants get away with murder, as do the pharmaceuticals. The benefits such medications offer to pain patients are unfortunately overlooked by tactics and greed as evidenced by actions of a family & their pharmaceutical company. This makes you think, who truly are the criminals? The neglected, underserved, broke individuals who turn to crime or the corporate monopoly owners, who decide the laws we must all follow? That’s for your to think and decide for yourself. 

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