The Days of Free Lecturing Need to End

The definition of work is to provide value for your employer and receive money in return. 

Why, then, is there an expectation that doctors will share their knowledge, expertise and time without compensation?

Who set this precedent that doctors should be expected to present at conferences, grand rounds and other events FOR FREE? No conference pass, no honorarium, no snacks even! 

We’re expected to lecture for grand rounds without even having time during the work day in which to prepare.

Doctors take vacation time to work on lectures for grand rounds.

People: if anyone needs an actual vacation, it’s doctors. (A 2018 survey from Merritt Hawkins, conducted on behalf of The Physicians Foundation, found that 78% of physicians report that they sometimes, often or always experience feelings of burnout.)

We can solve this, and it’s an easy fix. 

Conference organizers: waive the conference fee, pay for travel, and/or offer an honorarium for your doctor presenters. This shows that you respect our time and expertise.

Administrators: at the very least, offer protected time for doctors to prep for grand round lectures.

Physicians: ask for your value. Demand what you’re worth.

Together, we can change what’s acceptable. 

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Errin Weisman DO

Errin Weisman, DO is the self-proclaimed wellness guru on Authentic Medicine. She is a life coach, podcaster and fierce advocate for wellness in medicine. She faced professional burnout early in her career and speaks openly about her story in order to help others, particularly female physicians and working moms, know they are not alone. Dr. Weisman wholeheartedly believes to be a healer, you must first fill your own cup. She lives and practices life coaching and medicine in rural Southwestern Indiana, loves her roles as farmer’s wife, athlete and mother of three.You can find out more about Dr. Weisman on her podcast Doctor Me First, her website or hang out with her on social media @truthrxs. Her podcast is “Doctor Me First”. 

  2 comments for “The Days of Free Lecturing Need to End

  1. Pat
    January 16, 2020 at 12:20 pm

    Doesn’t the rest of society constantly demand and expect freebies from physicians?

  2. R Stuart
    January 16, 2020 at 11:56 am

    “Why, then, is there an expectation that doctors will share their knowledge, expertise and time without compensation?”

    Because they do.

    Just say No.

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