The Lien Doctors

These are the articles that sicken me. I know it is a small set of our profession but it still is sad. The article in the WSJ talks about how:

Lawyers can refer interested plaintiffs to specific lien doctors or to online directories such as Doctors on Liens, Power Liens or Global Lien Doctors. The networks include orthopedists, plastic surgeons, dentists, chiropractors and other specialists.

The interested plaintiffs above are ones involved in personal injury lawsuits. Do you see where this is heade?

The fine print of typical contracts bar patients from submitting claims to insurance and hold them responsible for the full bill no matter the outcome of their lawsuit.

The article says if the client loses the lawsuit the bill may be negotiation down. Still, few people know how much money does NOT go the victim/client:

  • Personal-injury lawyers typically receive contingency fees of between one-third and 40% of any settlement or verdict, meaning they benefit if their clients are awarded higher damages.
  • Lien bills can be as much as seven to 25 times higher than what insurance will pay.

Sorry, but this embarrasses. Maybe the lawyers out there don’t care but we doctors should Seven to 25 times higher than what insures pay? That’s legal? And how do these docs sleep at night?

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